虫洞公园,Wormholt Park

Wormholt Park Levitt Bernstein,“KDSP”Levitt Bernstein:Wormholt Park位于伦敦西部密集的城市环境中,由哈默史密斯市长于1911年开放,并“永远致力于该区居民的使用”,多年来,设施年久失修,维护不足,造成了安全问题,降低了公园的景观质量。

由于通过东部边界的一个新的混合用途开发项目获得的资金,LB Hammersmith&Fulham得以重振公园的活力,使之恢复原状荣耀与附加的愿望,使它成为一个可及性的典范。它将成为一个面向未来的公园,为整个社区提供高品质的便利设施。经过2011年的竞标过程,我们被任命并着手进行改造。

虫洞公园,Wormholt Park 城市旅游景观 第1张


虫洞公园,Wormholt Park 城市旅游景观 第2张?Jon Spencer虫洞公园,Wormholt Park 城市旅游景观 第3张?Jon Spencer虫洞公园,Wormholt Park 城市旅游景观 第4张?Jon Spencer虫洞公园,Wormholt Park 城市旅游景观 第5张?Jon Spencer虫洞公园,Wormholt Park 城市旅游景观 第6张?Jon Spencer虫洞公园,Wormholt Park 城市旅游景观 第7张?Jon Spencer虫洞公园,Wormholt Park 城市旅游景观 第8张?Jon Spencer虫洞公园,Wormholt Park 城市旅游景观 第9张?Jon Spencer虫洞公园,Wormholt Park 城市旅游景观 第10张?Jon Spencer“虫洞公园,Wormholt Park 城市旅游景观 第1张1”?Jon Spencer“虫洞公园,Wormholt Park 城市旅游景观 第1张2”?Levitt Bernstein“虫洞公园,Wormholt Park 城市旅游景观 第1张3”?Levitt Bernstein改善安全



在公园内,路径被重新配置,以创建一个循环运行循环,并提供改善的入口点在所有四个角落。我们与LB Hammersmith&Fulham的保护部门密切合作,确定了少量的树木将被替换,以便在公园内开阔视野,最大限度地利用开放的绿地。我们想让公园变得简单和“自由流动”,让家庭在安全的环境中探索和玩耍。


—凯特·迪格尼,副总监,Levitt Bernstein



当地小学生被邀请为游戏元素勾勒出他们的想法,其中一个被选择在公园内设计和建造。年轻的阿曼·拉赫马尼精心绘制的龙已经被当地艺术家乔尔·帕克斯(Joel Parkes)改造成了无障碍滑梯上炽热的头部,他将一个成熟的树干改造成了定制的,

Wormholt Park

Levitt Bernstein


Levitt Bernstein: Wormholt Park, located in the densely urban context of west London, was opened in 1911 by the Mayor of Hammersmith and dedicated “for ever to the use of the inhabitants of the Borough.” However, over the years facilities had fallen into disrepair and inadequate maintenance had created security issues which devalued the landscape quality of the park.

Thanks to funding received through a new mixed-use development on the eastern boundary, LB Hammersmith & Fulham were able to reinvigorate the park – restoring it to its former glory with the added aspiration of making it an exemplar for accessibility. It was to be a park for the future, providing high quality amenity for the whole community. Following a competitive tender process in 2011, we were appointed and set to work on its transformation.

虫洞公园,Wormholt Park 城市旅游景观 第1张

With the park being such a focal point for local people, we worked closely with nearby residents, the Friends of Wormholt Park community group, local market traders and primary schools as well as a number of local authority officers throughout the project. Their input was invaluable in what became an extremely collaborative design process.

虫洞公园,Wormholt Park 城市旅游景观 第15张
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Improving safety

Our starting point was to open up the park with better connections into the local context, making it safer, and in so doing, more appealing and inviting to the local community. The new built development provided a strong new edge to the east of the park and frames a prominent new entrance drawing pedestrians through from the busy neighbouring road. A new paved entrance space also provides a destination for a new weekend market with local traders.

Enhancing the space

Inside the park, paths were reconfigured to create a circular running loop and provide improved entrance points at all four corners. Working closely with LB Hammersmith & Fulham’s conservation department, we identified a small number of trees to be replaced in order to open-up views within the park and maximise the amount of open greenspace available. We wanted to make the park simple and ‘free flowing’, with space for families to explore and play in a safe environment.

“The transformation of Wormholt Park has been a really rewarding process. We saw an opportunity to reveal and celebrate the fantastic assets of the park and combine them with new accessible play facilities – it’s really put the park back into the daily lives of the local community and has been hugely satisfying for our team.”

– Kate Digney, Associate Director, Levitt Bernstein

Upgrading facilities

We updated existing sports facilities to provide a large ball court, multi-use games area and ping pong tables. As a result of our extensive consultation with the local community, we were able to address concerns that the park was used predominantly by teenagers, and new facilities were incorporated to ensure their appeal to a much wider demographic. This included a large young children’s play area where 50% of the amenities are inclusive for access by children with disabilities – including a state-of-the-art wheelchair swing, roundabout and trampoline – alongside other equipment which offers strong sensory experience. This careful selection of equipment, coupled with a carefully considered layout, has resulted in the park becoming the Borough’s flagship for disability sports and play.

Local school pupils were invited to sketch out their ideas for play elements, one of which was chosen to be designed and built within the park. Young Aman Rahmani’s elaborately drawn dragon has been transformed into a fiery head of the accessible slide by local artist Joel Parkes, who transformed a mature tree trunk into a bespoke sculpture over three months. The head stands as an impressive landmark within the play space; details of inlaid coloured resin and pewter and encrusted steel studs make it both intricate and playful for children who seek stimulation across a range of scales and intensities.

Working to exploit the opportunities of the existing park, we focused on the creation of ‘playable landscapes’ including a bold climbing frame set among a beautiful stand of coniferous trees. Play amongst the trees and existing structure of the park heightens a sense of discovery and adventure for all children.

Creating an attractive planted landscape

Across the park, we have introduced a palette of new tree, shrub and bulb planting to create a vibrant and lush environment, which achieved a number of aims. The new planting has greatly improved the biodiversity value of the park and wherever possible the existing vegetation structure of planting and habitat was retained as a framework from which to build upon. The seasonal quality of planting, extending the period of interest through flower, foliage and stem was a key target developed with the Friends of Wormholt Park. The creation of planed areas that could be maintained by the local authority was also important with a strong balance between shrub and herbaceous planting.

Working with the community

All parts of the local community were involved throughout the project’s development; to celebrate its completion, the annual W12 Festival was hosted by the park in July 2016. It is now an ideal venue to support this popular event and was well attended by local residents, charities and community organisations.
In fantastic sunshine, the new colourful planting displays provided a great backdrop to the live music, carousel, mural painting and diverse food stalls. Families were able to enjoy the open green space and children of all ages and abilities could use the new play facilities – firmly putting Wormholt Park back on the map for the local community.

“We are very proud to have been part of the transformative process at Wormholt Park and love the positive changes that have been brought about, not only in aesthetics but also by providing better facilities that make the park a more attractive, enjoyable and accessible destination for everyone. Now that the major works are complete we look forward to regularly using this important space to hold events that interest and improve the lives of the local community and also increase the biodiversity of the site.”

– Derrick Wright, Chair of Friends of Wormholt Park


Client: London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham
Landscape architect: Levitt Bernstein
Contractor: The Landscape Group
Location: Hammersmith & Fulham
Construction value: £1.5m
Completion: 2016
Images: Jon Spencer

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